S. Clayton Rhodes   

The novelette "To Bite the Worm" may be found in the Fall 2008 issue of Startling Stories.  This is the tense and rivetting story of what might happen when four boys wind up playing drinking games in a cemetery one hot summer night, and the worm at the bottom of the tequila bottle just might not be what it seems . . .

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Don't be bad on Christmas Eve, because there's always a chance Krampus is watching.  Down-on-his-luck criminal, Lefty Bohach is in the town jail on the holiest of holy nights, and a legendary demon may have him in his sites.  Read "The Christmas Bane" to find out what happens in APPALACHIAN WINTER HAUNTINGS

Eric Forshey has a problem.  His daughter believes a boogeyman is living in her closet.  Eric comes to believe she may be right, but the truth is stranger still, in "Mr. Many Faces" (found in Shock Totem 3)

Zack keeps secrets and he likes to play games.  On particular game he and some friends are going to play in an abandonned factory.  Read "A Game of Spoons" to find out about the nature of the game and Zack's little secret in DARK TALES OF TERROR

"The Gris-Gris" is a supernatural thriller which addresses wrongful death and the ugliness of bigotry.  The men responsible for killing Ole Joe Tyler are dropping like flies.  Who's responsible?  Order your copy to find out. 

The short story "Fringe Benefit" is based on characters and situation found in the Destroyer series begun by writers Warren Murphy and Richard Sapir.  For those fans of Remo and Chiun, you may understand the genesis for this tale.  I always wondered why Dr. Smith's secretary, Eileen Mikulka, never got suspicious over Smith's lack of activity when it came to Folcroft business.  In "Fringe Benefit," she does become curious, and she takes action.  Find out what happens in the New Blood anthology.

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